Anna Ephraim / Artist

2009, Aug–

Plutonic Section

Cameron Robbins and Anna Ephraim produced a scale drawing of the diameter of the earth. Using a scale of 1: 1 million, where one millimetre equals one kilometre, the drawing was approximately 13 metres by 2 metres. When the Earth is drawn at a large scale, the relationship between the earth's thin crust and vast interior can be appreciated. In contrast to the large size of the whole image, the details are surprisingly small: Mt Bogong is 2mm high, the deepest ocean is 7.5mm and the deepest hole ever dug is 12mm.

This project was sponsored by the Janet Holmes a Court Artists' Grant Scheme, supported through a donation by Mrs Janet Holmes a Court, financial assistance from the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council and administered through NAVA, the National Association for the Visual Arts.


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Plutonic Section